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TriMount turns your Wii, Kinect, and PlayStation sensors into a video game Eye of Sauron

Brian Heater

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All right, we get it. You love motion gaming. You fell so hard for your Wii that you had to run out and buy the Kinect and PlayStation Move the minute they hit stores. And now you've got a lot of sensors, but not much in the way of space atop your flatscreen. DreamGear understands your decidedly first world pain, and is offering up the TriMount, a shrine to gesture-based gaming that has slots for your Wii sensor bar, Kinect sensor, PlayStation Eye, and a clamp for attaching it to your set. The $30 setup ships August 15th, and is available now for pre-order. Until then, you're going to have to manage the old fashioned way: making a younger sibling hold up the sensor while you play Dance Central.

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