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Halfbrick's Machine Gun Jetpack updated at E3


I met up with Halfbrick Studios again last week at E3 here in Los Angeles (while most of you were watching the goings-on at WWDC in San Francisco). I got to play an updated version of Machine Gun Jetpack, the latest game in progress from the developers of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash. I saw this game at GDC earlier this year, but it's improved greatly since then, with a lot of placeholder graphics and music replaced with the real thing.

In Machine Gun Jetpack you're playing as Barry Steakfries, running down a long corridor for as long as you can with a jetpack strapped to your back. Honestly, I wasn't that good at the game (yet), but I did get to see all of the special vehicles you can spawn. These included the big cyborg mech and the teleporting jetpack from last time around, plus a flying bird suit and a gravity suit that lets you switch from the top of the screen to the bottom at will.

I also saw some of the different jetpacks, including a bubble pack that's a little faster than your normal rig (making the game easier). Halfbrick showed me some of the game's missions; like Tiny Wings, there are various goals to complete over your runs that will win new awards and achievements for accomplishing them.

Unfortunately, we've still got a little while to wait on this one. Halfbrick says the game won't be out for a few months. But when it does arrive, it'll definitely be 99 cents, just like all of the studio's other titles. We'll let you know when it hits the App Store.