Next time you visit your doctor and poke around his or her office, chances are you'll see an iPhone or an iPad lying around. A survey of 3,700 physicians by QuantiaMD reveals the iPad and the iPhone are the preferred mobile devices among those in the medical profession.

According to the survey results, 83% of physicians own a smartphone. Of those with a smartphone, 59% have an iPhone and 29% have an iPad. About 44% of those physicians without a smartphone expect to buy one in 2011. What will they choose? 39% said they plan to buy an iPhone and 27% plan to buy an iPad. How does Android compare? Only 20% see an Android handset in their future, while a lowly 7% want an Android tablet.

This dominance holds true whether the physician buys the device out-of-pocket or his practice funds the purchase. These iOS devices are certainly being put to good use. Doctors use them to look up drug information, choose a treatment path, learn about new treatments, help make a diagnosis and more.

(Ed: Plus, come on -- would you really want someone who buys a Windows phone to be in charge of your health?)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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