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Silver-ink pen freestyles handmade circuitry, paves way for flexible displays


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We've never been the type to appreciate luxury pens, but if said pen was packing a silver-based ink solution that left behind a trail of conductivity... well, our pocket-protector would be very much at its disposal. Announced today, this evolution in penmanship tech has two great University of Illinois minds to thank -- Professors Jennifer Lewis and Jennifer Bernhard. That's right, the two Jennifers schemed up a desktop solution that could see flexible displays and disposable devices coming soon to your pocket (or garbage pail). By eschewing pricey inkjet printers for a low-cost hand-crafted approach, the creators hope future multimedia artists and the engineering-inclined will try their hand at innovative uses. We always knew the pen was mightier than the sword, but now it's just plain Mighty. See the circuit writer in action after the break.

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