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Frima $5 PSP Minis bundle entertains, reveals terrible truth

Justin McElroy
If you're looking to have some bargain-priced fun with your PSP as you wait for its successor, we might point you to a new Frima bundle on the PlayStation Store that includes five PSP Minis games for just $5. They are:
  • A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks!
  • Young Thor
  • Widgets Odyssey
  • Widgets Odyssey 2
  • Zombie Tycoon
We're sure there was a lot of excitement in the Frima offices when the "Awesome Summer Minis Bundle" was compiled, and we wish the dev the best. But it must have been a sobering moment to look at all the games together like that and realize "Hey, you know what, guys? We're not very good at making up names for things."