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Invizimals developer Novarama working exclusively with Sony


Invizimals developer Novarama didn't just announce a new game in its PSP augmented reality series today: it announced a new deal with Sony that will ensure more of the Spanish company's games will appear on Sony systems.

The AR-focused developer has entered into an exclusivity agreement with SCEE. That means that the PlayStation Vita fighter Reality Fighters will remain a Vita-only experience, and Novarama will also begin working on new games for Sony.

"For a studio geared towards innovation like Novarama, having a partner of the size and experience of Sony is the perfect blend," said Novarama CEO Dani Sánchez-Crespo. "By extending our partnership, we will continue making kids believe in invisible creatures and turning gamers into video game characters." Put that way, it sounds a lot more like the work of some evil mastermind. "Soon, all the children will believe in invisible creatures! And then, the world is ours!"

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