Starbucks app update perks up coffee customers

MyStarbucks is no more. Starbucks rolled out version 2 of its official app today, combining the functions of myStarbucks and Starbucks Card Mobile into a single program.

The new app has a redesigned interface with the company's new logo. Performance is much faster and having the Starbucks Card capabilities added to the app makes sense since it's ridiculously easy to pay for your coffee with your iPhone and there's really no need to have a separate app for this. Mobile payments also were expanded to Starbucks locations in Safeway.

You can now send eGifts, gifting Starbucks credit to a lucky receipent. It'll go straight to the person's email or Facebook and a QR scanner was added. It retains the other features from the older app such as customizing and viewing the nutrition stats for your drinks, Starbucks Rewards, a geolocation feature, view available job openings and more

Starbucks is a free download. Starbucks Card Mobile is still a standalone app, but I expect it'll go away soon.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.