E3 has come and gone. In the weeks since, we've heard about a few big games ad nauseam, but there were many worthwhile games that managed to slip through the cracks.

With that in mind, for this week's Joystiq Show, we've chosen to highlight a few of the smaller games from E3 2011 that we believe deserve attention.

Part 1 - BloodRayne: Betrayal

Part 2 - Rock of Ages

Part 3 - Papo & Yo

Let us know what you think of the show in comments. Also, we still need some sweet art for The Joystiq Show, so you creative types should get on it!

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Host: Richard Mitchell (@SenseiRAM)
Guests: Michael Herbster, Aram Jabbari, Justin Amirkhani, Vander Caballero, Andrew Yoon, Alex Navarro
Producer: Jonathan Downin (@jonathandownin - Game Thing Daily)
Production Coordinator: Richard Mitchell (@SenseiRAM)
Music: Trash80, Broke For Free, and minusbaby.

See the full guest list, and stream the show, after the break.

Richard Mitchell - Contributing Editor, Joystiq.com

BloodRayne interview
JC Fletcher - Features Editor, Joystiq.com
Michael Herbster - Lead Level Designer, WayForward
BloodRayne roundtable
Chris Grant - Editor in Chief, Joystiq.com
Alexander Sliwinski - Contributing Editor, Joystiq.com
JC Fletcher - Features Editor, Joystiq.com
Rock of Ages interview
Ludwig Kietzmann - Senior Editor, Joystiq.com
Aram Jabbari - Manager of Public Relations and Sales, Atlus
Rock of Ages roundtable
Ludwig Kietzmann - Senior Editor, Joystiq.com
Justin Amirkhani - Freelance Games Journalist
Papo & Yo interview
Ben Gilbert - Contributing Editor, Joystiq.com
Vander Caballero - Creative Director, Minority, Inc.
Papo & Yo roundtable
Ben Gilbert - Contributing Editor, Joysitq.com
Andrew Yoon - East Coast Editor, Shacknews.com
Alex Navarro - Editor, Giant Bomb.com

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