One of the first things that new users of OS X Lion are apt to either completely love or hate with a passion is the change to "natural scrolling." This is like scrolling on an iPad or iPhone -- when you use two fingers to swipe down on a trackpad, whatever you're scrolling moves in a downward direction as well. The existing method, which I'll refer to as "reverse scrolling," has been in use since the first Apple Lisa shipped in 1983. With reverse scrolling, swiping down on a trackpad would move content in a browser window in an upward direction.

While recording a MacJury last night with host Chuck Joiner, MacObserver's Jeff Gamet, and The Loop's Peter Cohen, the comments from my fellow jury members seemed to indicate that most of us had very little trouble making the switch. Those of us at TUAW are interested to find out what kind of scrolling setup you're using on your Mac. Take the poll and let us know.

What kind of scrolling are you using on your Mac?
Lion "natural scrolling" -- the default setup in OS X Lion6291 (43.7%)
Lion "reverse scrolling" -- the old way of scrolling from OS 1.0 until OS X 10.6.85423 (37.6%)
I haven't upgraded my Mac to Lion yet1643 (11.4%)
I don't own a Mac184 (1.3%)
I use "natural scrolling" on an iOS device instead of a Mac316 (2.2%)
Who needs a pointing device? I use telekinesis to move things on my computer.548 (3.8%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.