The Sims 3 visits the Hidden Springs DLC

Are you still unable to get even a smidgen of forgiveness from your Sim family for locking Aunt Debby in a doorless closet until she died in a pool of her own self-mess? Maybe a trip to upcoming Sims 3 expansion Hidden Springs is in order!

A magical museum, a rustic lodge and a little mystery are all waiting for your Sims in the DLC. You'll just have to figure out how to stave off a revolt until you can buy it on August 25.
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Exclusive Digital-Download World Available August 25 For The Sims 3 On PC/MAC
Stay forever young with The Sims™ 3 Hidden Springs. Discover a new digital downloadable World available this fall exclusively at The Sims 3 Store using SimPoints. Featuring all-new locations, items, Sims, and a little magic, The Sims 3 Hidden Springs invites anyone to uncover the mysteries of the newest world.

With a whole new World to inhabit, your Sims will spend time exploring a stunning lakefront, relaxing at a luxury spa or ski lodge, escaping into the woods, and uncovering ancient mysteries at the Museum of Magic and Supernatural all without leaving Hidden Springs. If you're interested in meeting new Sims, take them to the Redwood Heights Luxury Lodge and mingle with the social elites. If your Sims need to relax then experience true balance and well-being as you watch them bask in the ambiance of the Crystal Solarium Rejuvenating Waters. Once they're done revitalizing in the healing waters, take your imagination to another dimension of fun by brining your Sim to Fairyfolk Park. Or, take your Sim over to the Silver Zephyr Health Spa to help them acquire world renowned techniques in the fields of health and beauty. In addition to these exciting new locations and activities, a deeper mystery lies within the curious magical properties of Hidden Springs. Discover what mystery is beneath the rejuvenating waters and maybe your Sims wishes just might come true!

You'll be able to enjoy the all-new downloadable World for your Sims to explore this fall exclusively at The Sims 3 Store. For more information on The Sims 3 Hidden Springs visit:

The mystery awaits you!

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