The story of Octodad, a regular, caring father who just happens to have eight tentacles and immediately catastrophic coordination, is set to continue -- thanks to you! The Octodad 2 Kickstarter initiative, set up by indie studio Young Horses, has exceeded its funding goal of $20,000. The endeavor has generated nearly $22,818 for the endearing parental cephalopod, with over 30 hours still left on the clock.

The majority of financial backers pledged $10 or more (earning them a pre-order, digital art and a mention in the credits), followed by a large group that offered upwards of $35 and earned an additional Octodad t-shirt and a copy of the game. One magnanimous person pledged over $1000 and gained access to a 22" x 34" framed oil painting of a nonchalant octopus pretending to be a gentleman.

Octodad 2 is currently intended for PC and Mac, though consoles and motion controls are being considered due to the high probability of ensuing hilarity.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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