Prolific Twitter user and occasional game designer Hideo Kojima posted the above picture last night on his Twitter account, saying only, "Found this at Omori-kun's desk. What's this?" Yes, the Jehuty figure is pretty breathtaking, but something even more interesting can be found behind it: a "Z.O.E. 3DS" logo, with the "3DS" a subtle alteration of the mirrored ZOE logo. Part of another logo can be seen to the left, revealing "...bis: 2" That is perhaps a reference to Anubis, the Japanese name for Zone of the Enders 2.

This ZOE logo could be anything: a ported Zone of the Enders game for 3DS (like Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater); a new sequel (as in "Zone of the Enders 3" in the west and "Anubis: 2" in Japan); or a canceled project that never made it past the "really cool logo" stage. Furthermore, Kojima could just be messing with his followers.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.