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Parrot Asteroid to drive music, Android from your dash this October (video)

Zach Honig

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We've seen flavors of Android on our tablets, smartphones -- even a microwave oven -- but Parrot's Asteroid receiver is finally ready to park in your car's dash, bringing a tricked out version of Google's mobile OS to yet another innovative platform. In addition to an FM radio and a line-in connection (duh), the Asteroid also includes USB connectivity, an SD card slot, music on demand, and voice activated music search. There's also hands-free calling over Bluetooth, contact voice recognition, and automatic phonebook sync -- all controlled using a built-in jog wheel or your voice, and displayed on a 3.2-inch LCD. The device connects to the web using your smartphone's WiFi hotspot feature, or by attaching a USB 3G dongle. Asteroid's built-in Maps app and external GPS antenna will be ready to help you navigate the highway for $349 beginning in October, but jump past the break for a peek at the receiver's red-light-cam-spotting iCoyote app in the meantime.

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