Stormwind City
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I joined World of Warcraft on the Recruit-a-Friend program. After talking about race and class with my friend, I finally settled on a Human paladin as my first character. He was going to level a Night Elf hunter.

We joined up together in Goldshire and completed a few quests; then it was time for bed. He offered to take me to Stormwind to log out in the city. I had to take care of some real life stuff, so he walked me through the auto-follow function and started running.

A bit later, I returned to the computer and remember being overwhelmed with the sheer size of Stormwind. The auto-follow had been broken and I was standing near a canal, lost and confused. How would I ever find my way around this vast metropolis? Of course, the luster wore off as I became familiar with the city, but it's been my home ever since that moment. I proudly wear the title and sport the Stormwind Tabard.

What was your first awe-inspiring moment? Was it a place? A quest chain? A task you completed in game?

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.