At Joystiq, we're firm believers in the idea that every human being has an instrument to which they are naturally attuned, for self expression and emotional release. In most cases, a person's instrument is a literal instrument; Steve Vai and Regina Carter come to mind as ready examples. Sometimes, however, a person's instrument can be a little more abstract.

Shuey187, for instance, is a Tetris virtuoso. As a follow-up to the 90 minute magnum opus in which he used Tetris to create a Mario sprite, Shuey187 has utilized his unique gift for geometrically aligning blocks in order to craft Mario's brother and confidant. It's a truly amazing thing to watch, especially when you consider the fact that he used nothing more than a sprite pattern and raw talent to get the job done. Seeing as the video has no soundtrack, we suggest opening a second window and listening to one of the other two phenomena we mentioned.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.