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Samsung Focus S wanders through FCC en route to AT&T

Brad Molen

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Charts, diagrams, charts, measurements, and more charts. This summation of nearly every document that passes through the FCC sounds only slightly more fun than staring at the Matrix all day, yet we still find ourselves a bit giddy when seeing highly anticipated phones take their turn getting the Federal nod of approval. And so it is with the Samsung i937, which is most likely the Focus S -- one of three tantalizing Windows Phone choices aimed at reaching stores "this fall." It's about what we'd expect, really: aside from sporting the usual AT&T frequencies, there's not much more that we can discern from the pages and pages of numbers and colorful pictures that depict phone radiation. Exciting stuff, we know, but Windows Phone 7.5 is at least one step closer to being in the clutches of our lonely mitts.

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