SWTOR companions detailed in new video, interview

Star Wars The Old Republic - companions
So, who wants to learn about companions? No, not that kind (and more's the pity). We're talking about the traveling chums BioWare is providing for your savior-of-the-galaxy in its upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic science-fantasy opus.

A new video and interview at Gamespot has all the companion-related info that's fit to print -- or compress into a seven-minute clip and throw on a file server, to be more precise -- and game director James Ohlen has a lot to say about companion customization, gameplay mechanics, and the fact that your computer-controlled co-stars "are going to be a significant innovation to MMORPGs."

While the recent brouhaha over same-gender companion romance generated much rancor both in and out of the SWTOR community, BioWare steers clear of the topic here and focuses squarely on the launch-day features. Have a look at the video after the cut, and head to Gamespot for the interview text.

This article was originally published on Massively.