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Harman Kardon's MS 150 speaker dock supports multiple devices, $600 pricetag (video)

Joe Pollicino

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Some folks get along just dandy with an iPod and a speaker dock, but if you need a rig that'll handle more sources, Harman Kardon hopes to have you covered with MS 150 -- which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Zeppelin Mini. This stereo system comes loaded with an iPhone dock, CD drive and FM tuner, along with a flood of auxiliary connections not limited to its headphone jacks and subwoofer output. It's even sporting an LCD display so you'll know what's pumping out of its 30 watt drivers. The MS 150 is available now from Harman Kardon, but all of its functionality will cost you -- it's priced at a whopping $600. Hey, at least it comes with a remote. You'll find full details in the PR and video demo below.

Striking Harman Kardon® High-Performance Stereo Delivers Dynamic Sound from Multiple Sources

Whether you're an Apple or Android™ fanatic, a video-game buff or radio enthusiast, the Harman Kardon MS 150 is built to please music lovers seeking desktop convenience

STAMFORD, Conn. – In the latest gadget news, HARMAN International Industries today announced availability of the Harman Kardon® MS 150, a high-performance stereo system that includes an iPhone/iPod dock, slot-loaded CD player and FM radio tuner. Designed for the music lover who wants the convenience of a beautiful stereo system to place on a shelf or desk, the Harman Kardon MS 150 features two fully integrated 30-watt bass-reflex loudspeakers to produce crisp, room-filling sound in a living room, home office or bedroom.

The sleek, black Harman Kardon MS 150 was designed for flexibility. In addition to the CD player and iPhone/iPod dock, it includes three auxiliary audio inputs to plug in a portable music player or an Android™ smartphone as well as front-and-back 3.5-millimeter headphone jacks for private listening. A front-panel audio input can be used with video-game consoles to take advantage of the sophisticated audio tracks embedded in games. The FM radio tuner includes RDS technology to display text from radio stations, including song and artist information.

"Our customers have high expectations when it comes to audio gear, and the Harman Kardon MS 150 is sure to delight the most discriminating listener," said Sachin Lawande, EVP and co-president of HARMAN's Lifestyle and Infotainment divisions. "It's a powerful, exquisite system that is a complete, high-performance stereo. It looks beautiful in any room, but more important, brings vitality to sound from a CD, iPhone, or Android smartphone."

Audiophiles new gadgets lovers will also appreciate the MS 150's subwoofer output for direct connection to a powered subwoofer to deliver a more dynamic bass impact. Additional connections include composite and S-Video outputs for photo-and-video sharing using an appropriate iPod model. A remote control with IR sensor ships with the MS 150. The music player includes an alarm, sleep timer and dimmer to reduce screen brightness in the evening. It adheres to European energy standards and consumes less than 1 watt of power in standby mode.

Pricing and Availability

The Harman Kardon MS 150 has a suggested retail price of $689.95. For additional information or to purchase, visit

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