Needless to say, opinions of Cupertino's latest product have poured down on the internet like acid rain. Tim Cook's inaugural turn behind the wheel came with the awesome responsibility of unveiling the iPhone 4S, Apple's first addition to the iPhone family tree in 16 months. The good news: the 4S received a healthy upgrade in CPU and camera, threw in Siri voice recognition and added Sprint to its growing list of supporters in the US. The unsettling news (for many, anyways): it's basically an iPhone 4 with new internal parts -- there was no change in design or screen size, no LTE to flaunt, no iPhone 5 to accompany it. Naturally, expectations were incredibly high prior to the keynote, so we're anxious to find out how you feel about the outcome. Do you feel the design is still current? Are you relieved to see it available on Sprint? Were you hoping for a larger Retina Display? Rise up to the occasion and let us know -- is the iPhone 4S going to be your next handset purchase? Sound off after the break.
iPhone 4S: are you buying one?
I pledge allegiance to Cupertino and the Tim Cook for which it stands.8223 (5.7%)
Yes, now that it's on Sprint.4919 (3.4%)
Yes, the iPhone 4 design is great and I love the new CPU and camera!24582 (17.1%)
No, I want a larger screen / new design / one that mows my lawn.17841 (12.4%)
I'd rather stick anchovies in my ears.10921 (7.6%)
Psssh, I'm all about (Nexus) Primetime, baby.27189 (18.9%)
No, I'll wait for an iPhone 5 with LTE.25579 (17.8%)
No, it still doesn't blend.8896 (6.2%)
That's a toughie -- I just haven't made up my mind yet.15807 (11.0%)

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