You can fill it with huts, with giants, with goblins, with anything you want - it's still another cave.
The problem with fantasy settings is that the imagery is pretty well played out. You know there will be an area with a lot of trees, probably a desert, probably a set of rolling plains, and of course there will be caves. And the odds are good that at least one of those environments won't make you feel like you're off on an epic adventure; it will make you feel as if you're traipsing through the same environments you've traipsed through hundred of times. Until you just log off, that is.

Maybe it's another promise of brown or gray caves winding about interminably. Maybe it's the thought of another forest, or another plain, or another rocky mountainous area. Or perhaps it's the more surreal and fanciful environments that make you roll your eyes and want to just stop playing. Which environments tend to drain your interest in the game? No matter how interesting any other part of the zone might be, what sort of regions just make you feel burnt out and bored?

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