Land of Chaos Online rebranding as LOCO: Evolution

The first step to a persistent world is a bunch of guys with spears.
Land of Chaos Online is one of a large number of games that's close to being a full MMORPG but isn't quite there. The team behind the game at alaplaya has had its sights on a more full-featured experience for a while. Later this year, the game will be launching a huge update dubbed LOCO: Evolution, which is adding new elements of persistence together with several new character types and a new faction for players to explore.

The update promises to add a persistent town in the form of Arhonnas, complete with the usual staff of NPCs. The addition of a third faction to the game pushes conflicts into a struggle between Heaven, Hell, and Nature, with players caught in the middle. And aside from that, there will be new gameplay types to explore, new areas to look through, and several other quality-of-life improvements. The update should be release later this year, but until then you can take a gander at the teaser trailer after the break.

[Source: alaplaya press release]

This article was originally published on Massively.