Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is taking submissions

That's right, folks! We're looking to expand the number of webcomics we feature every week, so welcome to the Thirty-Second Annual Weekly Webcomic Wrapup Hyper Webcomic Submission Tournament! If you write, draw, or read a hilarious, primarily gaming-oriented webcomic that has never been featured on the Weekly Webcomic Wrapup, send an e-mail to Jordan at Joystiq dawt cawm and tell us about it. Make sure and include the word "webcomic" in your subject, our filters like that.

Now, don't think for a second that we're not still completely in love with our existing stable of webcomics. We just know that there are amazing webcomics out there that we're unaware of, and we want you to tell us about them. Before you get started, though, take a look at our favorite comics from last week, and vote for your favorite after the break!

Thwomps (Brawl in the Family)
Twofer (Penny Arcade)
Scorpion: Relationship Kounselor (Dueling Analogs)
2-UP (Nerf Now!!)
Bugging Out (Awkward Zombie)
Club Wheatley (Life In Aggro)
Mass Instruction (Hejibits) %Poll-70096%

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