If you haven't updated to iOS 5 by now, let's face it: you never will. It's cool. We get it. Some of us are still using Netscape, too. For the rest of the iOS universe, though, iOS 5 has almost certainly been installed, and now that you've had a few weeks to tinker with it, we're interested in seeing what quirks are being found. We've received a number of reports surrounding call connection issues (on both Verizon Wireless and AT&T), "invalid SIM" warnings, a bug that shows an inbox as being full (when it clearly isn't) and iCloud refusing to load email altogether. Oh, and then there's that pesky Siri pincode bypass -- tsk, tsk! Toss your vote in below, and converse amongst yourselves in comments. Sharing is caring!
What's broken (or working) for you in iOS 5?
All's well! No gripes here!19398 (26.3%)
Call connection issues! Argh!1621 (2.2%)
Terrible battery since since the upgrade!11588 (15.7%)
This "Invalid SIM" thing is driving me nuts!1038 (1.4%)
iOS thinks my inbox is full. It isn't. Discuss.531 (0.7%)
iCloud is definitely not being magical.5342 (7.2%)
Siri, why are you not working?5223 (7.1%)
I've got other iOS 5 issues.6499 (8.8%)
I'm choosing this option because none of the others apply.22492 (30.5%)

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