EVE Online - Caldari Naga concept
Minmatar? Check. Gallente? Yep. Amarr? Roger roger. Caldari? It's about time! EVE Online's battlecruiser rollouts are now complete thanks to today's introduction of the Naga. Like its three factional counterparts, the new ship is coming courtesy of EVE's winter expansion. Also, like the previous reveals, the Naga is the brainchild of an EVE player and it first appeared during last summer's Design a Starship competition.

In addition to its fearsome lines and considerable bulk, the Naga is "equally capable of fitting large torpedo launchers, large rail guns or even blasters, [and] is easily the most flexible weapons platform of the four new battlecruisers," according to the latest CCP dev blog. Head to the official site for further info and additional images.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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