Funcom details Secret World Templar mission [Updated]

The Secret World - Templars in the forest
Templar Week continues at Funcom, and this time the firm is teasing fans of The Secret World with bits and pieces of the game's factional missions and mythology. Today we get a look at a rogue agent mission within what is ostensibly the world's oldest (and definitely its most well-known) secret society.

Funcom's dev diary paints the Templars as an uncompromising bunch, and players interested in joining the ranks of these ancient smiters of evil will travel to London, where they'll "feel the weight of thousands of years of history in the great arches of Temple Hall." They'll also be chasing a defector across the globe and even into some sort of alternate hell dimension, and you can read all about that and more at

[Update: PC Gamer's got a preview of bunch of spooky TSW monsters too!]
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