Star Trek Online - captain's viewport
Cryptic executive producer Stephen D'Angelo has posted another Star Trek Online Path to F2P dev diary. For the 23rd installment (yes, 23!), D'Angelo outlines a near future roadmap for the game as the business model transition continues.

D'Angelo says that STO will boast a Featured Episode Replay event for the remainder of November on the live server. The first week of December should see a new game build migrating to the live shard from the Tribble test server. This update will feature "new content, new systems, and many gameplay improvements," and D'Angelo characterizes it as a "significant" release.

How significant? It includes new Borg content (the Invasion of Defera), the new duty officer system, and several new events and dailies. There's more to read at the official STO website (including an upcoming Featured Episode series focused on the Dominion!), so check it out by following the link below.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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