¡Apple Store cuarto de España para abrir el viernes!

Yes, the fourth Apple Store in Spain is set to open on November 25 in the city of Marbella on the southern coast. The city is small -- only 125,000 residents call it home -- but it is a major tourist destination, so a lot of visitors are always willing to spend money in the city and especially at the La Cañada mall.

As you've probably noticed on TUAW, there have been many international Apple Store openings during 2011. This won't be the last one for Spain this year -- it's expected that another store will open along the Carrer de Cristóbal Colon in Valencia.

The grand opening is scheduled for 10 AM on Friday, and as usual we'd love to see any pictures of the festivities if you happen to attend.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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