The M9010 from DAP Tech may only be running Windows Embedded Standard 7 on a rather miserly 1.3GHz Atom, but it's got more communication options than you can shake a stylus at. There's a Gobi 3000 chip for connecting via both EVDO and HSPA, GPS, 802.11 a/b/g/n, Zigbee, Wireless USB and Bluetooth, not to mention a laser barcode scanner and a camera capable of decoding QR codes. Wondering what that stunning set of antennas and sensors looks like? Well the FCC pried open the case and gave the rugged computer a thorough teardown. Check out the gallery below for all the gory gadget images you can stomach.

DAP M9010 at the FCC

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DAP Tech M9010 hits the FCC packed with radios, shows them off in epic teardown