Turbine teases Rohan content with new LotRO screenshots

Lord of the Rings Online - FORTH EORLINGAS! OK, maybe not quite yet
Oh Turbine, how you're teasing us with visions of Rohan, Rohirrim, and desperately suicidal cavalry charges punctuated by raucous shouts of "DEATH!" OK, now that we're all hot and bothered, let's have a look at the latest Lord of the Rings Online screenshots.

The new batch coincides with the continuation of the game's epic storyline, and the shots primarily center around Theodred, prince of Rohan and son of King Theoden. If you've read Tolkien -- or seen Peter Jackson's films -- you're probably familiar with Theodred's fate and thus it might surprise you to learn that you'll be aiding him in Turbine's version of Middle-earth. It all fits, though, and you can find the prince in the game's new Dunland region, preparing his troops for battle and waiting on the timely assistance of heroes like you.

[Source: Turbine press release]
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