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Android NFC app makes Facebook friendships a touch easier


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Imagine yourself in the awkwardly staged situation you see above: you're in a club that's filled exclusively with girls. One's jumping around, shaking her hair, but you're desperately trying to recite the address of your Facebook page to her above the din. It's not working. Fortunately, Add Friend is here to ameliorate these tricky first social steps through the magic of Near Field Communication. Granted, it's still unlikely that: a) you'll both be carrying NFC-capable Android phones and b) have already downloaded and registered this particular app. Putting those issues aside, you and your future BFF / SO will both need to have the app running and then bring your smartphones together in a loving embrace, and letting the near-field magic transmit your Facebook details across. And remember, for any accidental adds that don't work out, the unfriend option will always be there for you.

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