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SkyDrive and Windows Phone cozy up, apps can now directly integrate with the cloud

Brad Molen

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Microsoft, in an effort to continue integrating SkyDrive into Windows Phone, made a few changes to the cloud service's API this week. The new adjustments now give third-party Windows Phone apps full access to SkyDrive, complete with the ability to upload and share pictures, videos and docs. These changes were apparently the result of a lot of feedback from developers, and HandyScan just became the first company to show interest by incorporating the new API features into its Windows Phone app. The program, which offers the ability to scan a document or object, now offers the option of uploading these scanned images directly to SkyDrive. Of course, we imagine we'll soon be seeing a flood of developers proclaim their intent to journey "to the cloud." For more about HandyScan or the API, head to the links below.

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