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The Android Market sale reaches its final day, we bid fond farewell to more dimes

Brad Molen

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Here's looking at you, kid. We've reached the tenth and final day of the Android Market Ten Billion App sale, and we're a bit saddened to see it go -- but we just have to remember all the good times we had. While we wish it could go on forever, it simply wasn't meant to be that way. So instead of crying, let's go shopping and make the best of day ten, shall we? A few oldies are making their triumphant return, such as Sentinel 3, Apparatus and Colour and Draw for Kids. There are some games, such as Shine Runner, Hyper Jump, Majesty, Heavy Gunner 3D, Puffle Launch and TileStorm HD. The kids might also enjoy Talking Ben the Dog while the adults may be riveted by Star Chart. Finally, if you're frustrated with the camera app on your current phone, check out Camera Zoom FX. Then, once finished, be sure to wave as the sale rides off into the sunset.

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