Good news for iPhone owners on the Verizon network. A day after announcing a plan to charge customers a $2.00 fee for telephone and online bill payments the plan has vanished without a trace.

Could it be the announcement today from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission today saying it was going to look into the fees on behalf of Verizon customers?

Verizon said it was dumping the fees after the company was met with a storm of criticism, including an online petition signed by 95,000 people.

Whatever the reason, the fee has evaporated as quickly as it appeared. Many outraged customers threatened to dump the company and take their business elsewhere.

There is no official announcement of the change on the Verizon website. It is being widely reported in major news outlets.

The reversal on the fees follows the widely reported Bank of America debacle in September where the company tried and failed to implement a $5 fee for customers to use their debit cards. Other companies have quickly changed policies after an online outcry, often quickly spread via Reddit, Twitter and Facebook.

[via Reuters]

This article was originally published on Tuaw.