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Basis unveils web dashboard for Basis Band health tracker, makes it easy to see how unhealthy you are


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The Basis Band is a health tracking watch with optical sensors that track your heart rate, an accelerometer to see how active you are, galvanic skin response to measure your perspiration, plus ambient and skin temperature sensors. All that data gets run through a few Basis algorithms to create a picture of your health that's displayed in the handy-dandy web portal you see above. The dashboard is meant to make your data digestible so you can create (and meet) your health goals, and there's both game mechanics and social media integration to keep you motivated. Of course, you can access the raw data if you're into tracking pulse rates and perspiration levels. We got a chance to speak with company CEO Jeff Holove about Basis, and he said it's meant to enable the every man to track his health during regular daily activities -- as opposed to similar products from Garmin and Polar that are aimed at athletes. If that sounds good to you, the Basis Band comes out in "early 2012" for $199, and the cloud service will be free for those who buy in. PR and a video are after the break.

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Basis Science To Demo Basis Band at 2012 International CES; RevealsDesign of Web Dashboard

Las Vegas, NV. January 9, 2012 – BASIS Science, Inc. ( the creators of the world's first continuous heart rate and health tracker, the Basis™ B1 band, will be demoing at the 2012 International CES show in Las Vegas and showing its web-based personal dashboard for the first time. The dashboard has been designed as an intuitive way to give people information about their everyday health and wellness.

"We have designed the Basis band to track heart rate 24 hours a day, along with other metrics like calories burned, level of activity and duration of sleep," said Jef Holove, CEO of Basis. "This information is then presented in an easy-to-use web dashboard to give you insights on how you're progressing against your goals," said Holove.

The Basis band has multiple sensors centered around an optical engine that tracks heart rate by directing light into theskin to 'see' actual blood flow. Additional sensors gather information such as movement to create a complete picture of your health.

Basis will be participating in a number of events and panels at CES including:

- View the Basis band and dashboard at Pepcom's Digital Experience media event on January 9th from 7pm to 11pm at the MGM Hotel.

- Listen to Jef Holove, Basis CEO, participate in a panel on UntetheredFitness - Mobile Devices andtheir Apps – Jan. 10th at 9:45am in the LVCC Room N256.

- Come vote LIVE for the Basis band in Last Gadget Standing – Jan. 12th at 10:30am in Room N257 in the North of the LVCC.

- Watch Jef Holove on the End of the Couch Potato panel on Jan. 12th at 2:50pm in the LVCC North Hall, N250.

- See the Basis band at the FashionWare show hosted by Living in Digital Times, on Jan. 12th at 6:30 pm in the Fashion Show Mall.

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