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Wolfson ready Digital Silence noise-cancelling headphones for Spring 2012


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Noise cancellation maestros Wolfson Microelectronics have announced a pair of buds, designed for mobile phones. The Digital Silence DS-421D is fitted with microphones in each earbud and promises to last for 14 hours of audio playback on a single battery charge. The headset totes three different ANC profiles; a wide-frequency general, airplane for low-frequency engine hums and office for neatly sidestepping the daily workplace banter. Fortunately, the Gundam color scheme isn't final, but you can expect to see the finished articles in Spring 2012. Check the full specs in the press release below.

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Wolfson Preview New Digital Silence Premium Stereo Headset at CES

Three selectable ANC modes allow users to optimize the noise cancellation performance for their specific environment

Audio and noise cancellation specialist, Wolfson Microelectronics plc, is exclusively previewing a brand new active ambient noise cancelling headset at CES with three user-selectable Wolfson myZoneTM ANC modes: General / Aeroplane / Office. Perfect for the busy professional in the different environments of everyday life, the stylish Digital Silence DS-421D headset is designed specifically for mobile users and is expected to be available to purchase by Spring 2012.

Please find below more detail about each ANC Filter Mode:

• General: The 'General' ANC filter has approximately 20dB cancellation across a wide frequency band but is optimised to be immune from overload issues in environments such as public transport
• Aeroplane: The 'Aeroplane' filter frequency removes more low frequency noise which makes it very suitable for typical aircraft noise
• Office: The 'Office' filter is specifically optimised to give greater cancellation around speech frequencies (mid range 200-1kHz)

The Digital Silence DS-421D headset is also fitted with a Wolfson WM7130 MEMS microphone in each ear bud to pick up the ambient noise around the user prior to cancellation. It features 14 hours of HD audio playback for high quality music and will continue to function as a normal headset even if the battery does run out.

Please see below for full specification of the DS-421D headset.

Stereo In-Ear Headset with Digital ANC
Speaker Size
Frequency Range
20Hz - 22kHz
Noise Mic Type
ANC Range
150Hz – 2kHz
Peak ANC
> 30dB
HD Audio Playback Time
>14 Hours

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