Harada 'considering' Tekken X Street Fighter on Vita

Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada is leading up production of Tekken X Street Fighter -- he's the Yoshinori Ono of Namco, if you will. And like his Capcom counterpart, Harada has repeatedly taken to Twitter to answer fan questions about his current project, most recently telling one Twitter user that he's currently "considering" a Vita port of the title.

He didn't mention much else, unfortunately, though he did take time to promote an upcoming community vote via the game's Facebook page, that'll allow fans to choose which characters end up in the upcoming fighter. One follower suggested both Final Fight's famed crossdresser, Poison, as well as Street Fighter Alpha 3's Karin. We're gonna go out on a limb and ask Harada for Ryu and Eddy Gordo. Those guys never get any time in the spotlight!

This article was originally published on Joystiq.