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Limited edition Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx appear, exclusive to Verizon employees?

Zachary Lutz

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It seems that the hard workin' folks at Verizon Wireless may soon have a special phone to call their own. That's the word from Android and Me, which reports that Big Red's staffers are being offered exclusive versions of the Droid RAZR (16GB, $99) and RAZR Maxx (32GB, $199). In addition to a distinctive red and black pattern on the handset's rear, a unique number will be engraved within the camera pod and the words 'Limited Edition' will appear next to Verizon's logo on the front. Employees will also score a free dock with their purchase and can expect the handsets to arrive in April -- which is a good indication of when these things should hit Craigslist.

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