HTC unveils One series camera upgrade, gets dedicated chip, f/2.0 lens, 0.7-second startup

HTC unveils One series camera
We've not even seen the devices yet, but HTC CEO Peter Chou is very excited about the camera sensor inside his mysterious new phones. The module packs a f/2.0 camera lens, while the company's been busy crafting its own image sensor put behind it, called the HTC, er, "ImageChip." It'll help to clarify low-lit pictures and ensure a capture speed of under a second -- 0.7 seconds from starting up the camera app, in fact. It also has the tantalizing ability to shoot pictures while recording continuous-focus 1080p video. Add in a new LED flash that has five different levels of brightness control and as you might be able to guess, we really want to see these phones -- now.