DmC art and screens show what happens when you're raised by demons

Capcom's latest batch of DmC assets and info provides insight to the past of this mysterious brunet Dante -- he grew up alone, shuffled between various institutions, orphanages, youth-correction facilities and foster homes, most of which were operated by demons who took pleasure in torturing their young ward. Unsurprisingly, Dante hates demons and authority and he uses his hybrid human-demon abilities to fight for the "little guy," as Capcom puts it.

The photos -- which you can peruse below -- display design concepts for Dante and his weapons, Ebony & Ivory and Rebellion, and show them in use against a few demons in a shadowy Las Vegas-esque setting. We don't want to jump on the "Dante looks like a girl" bandwagon (because he totally doesn't... most of the time), but wearing a tank top, from behind, those curves can be deceiving. Just like he wants it.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.