Three new Skylanders shock, burn and boom into Spyro's Adventure

Spyro's universe is expanding -- much like ours, but without the physical, philosophical or scientific implications -- with three new characters. Lightning Rod, Zook and Sunburn, the last of which comes to Skylanders in the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack, are all available now. Lightning Rod and Zook are $7.99 each, and the pack including Sunburn runs $19.99.

Lightning Rod, who we're convinced is modeled after Aladdin's Genie and Robin Williams' beardiness, is an air character whose attacks involve electro-bolts; Sunburn is part dragon, part phoenix, breathes fire and can teleport; and Zook, a life character, carries a bamboo bazooka and is adorable.

Lightning Rod shows off his moves in the video above, and Sunburn and Zook take over the two after the break.%Gallery-149510%

This article was originally published on Joystiq.