Sick and tired of the lack of variety in your team selection when playing Hero Academy? You've got three teams: the Council, the Dark Elves and the Dwarves. Three is plenty, right? Not for Robot Entertainment -- a new team known as the Tribe is coming soon.

On top of the new team, Robot Entertainment is also adding a new battlefield, free to all players, and iPad support that optimizes the universal app with high-res graphics and more screen space specifically designed for iPad. For a breakdown of the new content, march on past the break.
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New Tribe Team to Invade Hero Academy

New update coming soon including the Tribe, a new playfield, and iPad support

PLANO, Texas – March 26, 2012 – Robot Entertainment has announced that a new team and universal iPad update will be available soon for their critically acclaimed asynchronous mobile tactics game, Hero Academy. The Hero Academy app has been optimized for iPad players with higher-resolution graphics and more screen space. With the introduction of the Tribe, this update expands the Hero Academy roster to four unique teams. Powerful and ruthless, the Tribe are aggressive warriors that are always on the attack.

The update will make available several new Tribe avatar packs and a Tribe-inspired playing field. The new field will be free to all players and features a new magical defense premium square as well as barbed crystals that can defend themselves! The update will be available soon via the App Store. Players who want to get their hands on the latest version of Hero Academy on iPad can visit Robot Entertainment at booth 1172 during Pax East, which runs from April 6th to 8th in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Tribe
The harsh wastelands are home to the Tribe, a loose federation of fierce warriors led by powerful chieftans. The Tribe lives for battle; when one member falls, his comrades are enraged.

• Warrior – Bred for battle, the ruthless warrior can instantly K.O. any enemy unit at or below 50% health.
• Axe Thrower – The axe thrower deals 100 extra damage to enemies above 50% health.
• Witch – Wielding dark magic, the witch explodes fallen heroes at range to damage nearby enemies.
• Shaman – The shaman is a master of the healing arts whose healing spells chain through multiplle allies, even heroes already at full health.
• Chieftan – Leading the Tribe into battle is a brutal AOE fighter who can pull surrounding enemies close, or charge out to attack distant enemies.

Hero Academy is a mobile asynchronous multiplayer tactics game from Robot Entertainment. Featuring humorous fantasy visuals, Hero Academy is a mix of classic strategy and fast-paced casual gaming and has something for every player. For more information about Hero Academy, please visit

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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