No word yet on whether or not having the prettiest colored weapon will net you a medal.  Odds are low.
If you're playing Star Wars: The Old Republic right now, you're probably looking forward to patch 1.2 quite eagerly. The latest topic in the bag of tricks is PvP, with fans of Warzones gaining a new ranking system to help track progress and face off against greater challenges. The ranking system is described in fairly comprehensive detail -- rank changes are based upon your rank compared to your opponents, with separate tracking options for both solo and group players.

There's also a new set of Warzone rewards in the new War Hero set, as well as a number of additional improvements to purchasing rewards and earning commendations in battle. More medals will encourage more active participation, while a new vote-kick system will discourage AFK players. If all of this sounds like something you'd like to check out in person, the update with some of the PvP improvements will be playable at PAX East next weekend, providing an opportunity to test out the battles and give some immediate feedback.

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