Why not get some animal-print armor with your pre-order of Steel Battalion

Depending on the retailer at which you pre-order Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, your "Vertical Tanks" will bear one of a selection of inappropriately flashy paint jobs, with in-game bonuses to boot.

Capcom announced a trio of pre-order offers today for North America, each of which affords you custom armor for your VTs. Amazon gets you the "Savannah" armor, which increases bullet velocity and makes you look like you're driving a mechanical zebra, and the "Storm" armor, which looks cheetah-esque and increases shooting range.

Best Buy confers the "Impact" and "Tiger" armors, and GameStop outfits your VTs with the "Rock" and "Jaguar" coverings, all of which have their own bonuses. Get specifics, and an eyeful of tiger-striped mech, after the break.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.