The demo for Dirt Showdown will be alive and kicking up dust on Steam, Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN today, Codemasters has announced. The demo includes the single-player mode's 8 Ball race, which runs by San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, and the multiplayer Rampage mode. Rampage is an eight-player demolition derby where points are earned for crashes and take-outs.

The Dirt Showdown demo also offers the first taste of RaceNet, a free online tracking and comparison extension for Codemasters racing games. Those who sign up for RaceNet get some special perks when the full game launches on May 25, including $20,000 of in-game currency. Yes, 20 big ones. Either that's an awesome bonus, or Dirt Showdown operates in a universe where everyone is a millionaire.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.