Teehan+Lax's 'Do We Have Milk?' answers the burning question with your Android phone, custom jugs (video)


Let's face it: whether or not there's enough good milk to drink has been an ongoing problem among the technology set, which is why we're surprised that we're only now seeing true smartphone-milk integration through a project at Teehan+Lax's Labs group. As the name implies, Do We Have Milk? will figure out whether or not there's enough in the milk bag (did we mention Teehan+Lax is very Canadian?) based on a weight sensor in the jug. Run low, and your Android phone will tell you not just to buy some more but produce a map pinpointing the nearest convenience or grocery store. DWHM? is an experiment that might take awhile to become a real product, if it ever does, but it could have broad implications for consumables of all kinds in addition to saving you from having to eat your Shreddies dry.