The Wall Street Journal claims that Apple is ordering screens from Asian suppliers that are bigger than the 3.5 inch screen that has become the one and only standard for the iPhone.

The Journal says iPhone production will begin next month, with new screens that measure at least 4 inches diagonally -- something we've heard before. This could be a response to rival Samsung, who has been featuring larger screens in comparison ads to the iPhone. Samsung offers a 4.3 inch and a 4.8 inch screen on some model phones.

Will an enlarged iPhone screen meet the rumored shrunken iPad? No one knows for sure, but Apple is very good at competing. Some have even shown how a larger screen could work. We know from experience that when Apple says it isn't going to do something that's not always the case. I vividly remember Steve Jobs telling us no apps for the iPhone, that web apps were all we needed. Then there was a quick reversal, and apps are now a multimillion dollar business. Apple has not commented on the report.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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