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Aeria Games, with numerous free-to-play titles already under its belt, just unveiled a new multiplayer first-person shooter called Born to Fire. This character-driven game is set following the Cold War, when rules of engagement are thrown out the window and the world is a free-fire zone.

Director of Publishing Tom Nichols describes the game: "In Born to Fire, players step in the boots of five distinct classes of elite operatives engaged in a global firefight for domination. With the instant gratification of one-click matchmaking and the in-depth analysis provided by elaborate replay tools, Born to Fire represents a new class of character-driven, highly customizable MMOFPS that's easy to get into but nearly impossible to fully master."

The five classes available for play are Rifleman, Duelist, Ranger, Heavy-Hitter, or Warden; each comes with unique backstory, tactics, and a fully customizable arsenal.

Sign-ups for closed beta are going on now! Players can keep informed of the latest news, updates, and contests by "liking" Born To Fire's Facebook page. Also, be sure to check out the screenshots and artwork in the attached gallery.

[Source: Areia Games press release]

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