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Editorial: Despite shaky 48 fps Hobbit preview, high frame rates will take off
Amazon Instant Video streaming is now live on the Xbox 360
Amazon adds 'hundreds' of Paramount movies to Prime, signals a Clear and Present Danger to free time
Comcast video on-demand comes to Boston area TiVo Premieres Monday
Comcast Xfinity TV Player app brings VOD streaming to Android devices
ITU meets to define 4K and 8K UHDTV parameters
LG's 55-inch OLED TV gets official design, possible €9,000 price tag
Silicon Image pushes new MHL 2.0 chips for phones and HDTVs with 1080p60 video, faster charging
Sony-made Google TV units will come with Plex as standard
How-To: XBMC 11 the XBMCbuntu way
Nuance adds Rovi's metadata to Dragon TV, becomes annoyingly good at TV trivia
NBC lays out 2012 London Olympics broadcast plan on TV, internet, apps and in 3D
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Blu-ray trailer and box art pop up online (video)
Must See HDTV (May 28th - June 3rd)

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