As part of our duties here on TUAW, we often read App Store reviews for apps that we'll be covering. We find it particularly interesting how app reviews break down, especially for one- and five-star reviews.

For some, reviews seem to be personal -- not about the product's merits, but how well it fits (or doesn't) into a user's lifestyle. For others, people feel an obligation to help promote an app they liked or to warn purchasers against an app that's unstable or a poor value.

A lot of people buy apps and later are "meh" about 'em, and delete them. For the price of a coffee or less, many customers can't be bothered to write a bad in-store review about a mediocre app that gets tossed.

What kind of reviewer are you? Here's a poll for you to vote in. Then join in the comments and tell us what motivates you to leave a review. We're also interested in hearing what each of the star ratings means to you. Is a three-star review "weak" or "average" for you? Let us know!

What kind of app reviewer are you?
I review based on how well the app meets my personal needs.48 (7.5%)
I review objectively based on how well the app was designed and debugged.73 (11.4%)
I only review to leave an occasional pat-on-the-back for apps I love or a warning for serious problems.264 (41.4%)
I'm all about the nuance. I like to review items in-depth.7 (1.1%)
I help keep developers on their toes by pointing out what needs fixing.29 (4.5%)
I love to give 1-star reviews just to be mean. I also torment smurfs and pandas.9 (1.4%)
If it's not worth a 5-star review, I won't leave one.45 (7.1%)
Who has time to leave reviews?157 (24.6%)
Something else. I'll tell you in the comments.6 (0.9%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.