The iPad's main competition is the old iPad

The iPad's main competition is the old iPadWhile manufacturers struggle to compete with the iPad, Apple has managed to do so successfully. In fact, current demand for the iPad 2 is nearly equal to that of the new iPad.

The iPad 2 dropped in price by $100 when the new iPad was introduced. A recent Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) report notes that the iPad 2 accounted for 41% of all iPad sales since the new iPad was launched in March, 2012.

Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that the drop would make the device more appealing to price-sensitive customers. CIRP partner Josh Lowitz agrees, telling AllThingsD, "The lower price of the iPad 2 seems to be attracting many new buyers, and bringing thriftier customers into the fold...our data suggests that a lot of iPad buyers bought iPad 2s right up to and after the launch of the new iPad."

How does a device compete with the iPad, then? It seems step one is, "be an iPad."

This article was originally published on Tuaw.